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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 7, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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a governor's board of inquiry finds out how far the two sides are in the bart dispute. >> friends and family stage a search fr a missing federal investigator tonight why police conducted a search of their own today. >> a rare look inside of the isolation sales of california's toughest prisons. our investigation reveals why hundreds of inmates are refusing to eat. >> changing times for one of silicon valleys oldest internet companies. a new look for yahoo. what it could mean for its future. a packed house as bart and
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unions presented their cases in public for the first time and we find out how far apart they are. good evening, everyone. >> the two sides in the bart dispute scheduled new talks for tomorrow and friday. when you hear the number you'll understand why they haven't made a deal yet. we're live at the state building in oakland with the story. laura it's a long way from here to there. >> first bart said the two sides are $100 million apart. unions said $56 million. bart said average workers make $79,000 per year. the union countered it's like $66,000. the chairman of the special board came out after the meeting and said he was stunned by all of the discrepancis. >> this hearing is in further of the investigation that the governor requested. >> the board of inquiry appointed by the governor took more than five hours of
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testimony from bart ask union leaders about why their talks have yielded little results. >> everything they have done has been to delay, stall, and impede theaf bargaining process. >> while unions claim bart is trying to force them into its zero gain contract bart says this offer a 9% raise over four years is more than fair. they want employees to pay more for benefits. >> bart asking employees to play a larger role in sharing governments of their generous pension plans. >> the union latest proposal calls for a 5% wage increase over three years. yun yirs -- unions offering to pay into pensions and more for health care but not as much as bart wants. >> i hope on my tomb stone it's going to say ever the optimist. >> bart asked the governor to
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step in and appoint the board, that will deliver a report by the end of the week. he will then zpid whether to grant the cooling off that that the zriblgt requested. >> do you think 60 day cooling off is what is needed?. >> we don't think it's needed. we think a contract is needed. >> we want to make sure trains can continue to run and just l guarantee. >> the bargaining session set for next two days. the panel will complete its report. the governor will look and decide whether to grant that 60 day cooling off period by sunday. >> laura, thank you. a lot of commuters telling us bart might want to follow the lead of ac transit. the bus system and union reached an agreement last night 90 win mins before a strike deadline.
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workers will get a 9.5% raise over three years and have to start paying for aa]mp portionf their benefits. >> i feel real good. wonderful. yes. passengers are happy. i'm surely happy to be at work. >> this is a big relief. i hope bart takes note we're able to come together and reach an agreement in a timely fashion. it didn't affect everybody. >> the contract must now be ratified by a union vote covering 1800 drivers mechanics and clerical workers. ac transit areas 180,000 passengers every weekday. >> a 1-year-old baby boy and his father were shot and killed overnight. the 20-year-old andrew thomas and his son, drew were advise yilting family. police say at leastegjlx gunman shot through a bedroom window. two in town for a relative birthday party extending their stay to attend a fun ravel another family member shot and killed over the weekend.
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>> i mean, the violence needs to stop. because too many innocent people are getting killed for nothing. for what? it's not necessary. >> this afternoon oakland mayor and police chief spoke about this and called for an end to the violence. >> just absolutely unacceptable we have children being shot while they sleep in their bed. it's horrific and it needs to stop. >> just weeks ago, remember, an l-year-old was killed when she opened the front door of a friend's house and someone outside started shooting. >> family friends and co-workers of a missing oakland woman spread out in the city hoping to uncover leads in the disappearance of sandra coke. she vanished sunday night. vic lee has the day's developments. >> you read about these stories in the media. theyxozy happen to other people, they don't happen to you.
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and it's hard. >> tonya's last couple days have been difficult to say the least. but the presence of many people who have come to pass out flyers today helped her keep hope alive. >> get flyers up. they split up, in areas where sandra may have gone the night she disappeared including the neighborhood around her home. her daughter last saw her sunday night. saying she'd be back in a half hour. the 50-year-old woman worked as a death penalty appeals investigator. dozens of colleagues came today. her boss didn't think anyone connected to cases would kidnap her. >> i never heard of anyone being targeted for the work they do. >> they canvased the area where her car was found date after she went missing and in
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richmond she posted flyers offering a $1,000 reward for a return of her beloved cocker spaniel mix. her best friend thinks the disappearance may have something to do with her pet, guinea. >> people called before saying i have the dog or have seen the dog z she went to meet them. it was lie autos some people including her sister heard that someone had once asked for money in return for the dog. dog. ,ñ arrested. all tonya knows is that her sister's final words to her daughter when she left home. >> she said she was going out on sunday tong meet someone who had information about her dog. >> there were theories her disappearance may have something to do with recent interneat net dating. tonya says she went on one date. >> she indicated it was a pleasant meeting and but, you
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know, was nothing out of the ordinary in a public place. >> the internet dating may have something to do with oakland police searching coke's home looking at her computer. vic lee, abc 7 news.qahú >> a wildfire is burning out of control in riverside county south of banning. there are mandatory evacuations underway for the communities of twin pines and silent valley. highway 243 closed in that area. the fire has grown to 2500 acres and three structures have burns. 450 firefighters are on the scene. those pictures in just within the last half hour. the fire began after 2:00 this afternoon. there is no word onl[s containment. >> family of a camp counselor who fell when a tree fell on her, she died rather when a tree fell on her filed a wrongful death lawsuit.
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she was killed and no@zchildren were harmed. it happened last month. that tree fell on the camp fire just outside of the dining hall. attorneys say pg&e was responsible for checking the tree because it was within 15 feet of power lines. an arborist for the camp so far, none of the defendants have commented on this suit. >> after mer than a decade a san mateo county psychiatrist accused of molesting young patients is now behind bars. in may, william ayers plead nod contest to charges. he accused of molesting at least five former patients. he was initially committed to napa state hospital but last year a psychiatrist said ayers faked dementia. victims say justice has been served. >> i think for me it's a
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matter of closure and a big win for victims out there. they don't know how to deal with their pain. i just hope this case is a way for people to know there is hope. >> formal sentence being scheduled for august 26th. ayers faces eight to 22ers in prison. >> san jose police trying to solve a crime claiming the life of an aspiring student, the victim of a random shooting over the weekend. it struck a chord with the city's acting police chief. >> it is the 30th homicide of the year. a victim of the drive by shooting as bars and clubs were closing. >> it had crime like that is unacceptable but that one because it appears she was unattended -- unintended victim.
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and she was an inspiring nurse. >> the 19-year-old just earned her assistant nursing certificate here at college of nursing in mill poodas last month. >> i truly miss her. >> the instructor remembers chico as an excellent student. >> you can tell it in the care she gave to patients. she wasn't there should just because she had to. >> chico was shot while riding through an area known as sofa, south of first. a restaurant is across street from the crime scene. the manager says customers have told him with the crowd they don't feel safe anymore. >> some of them, yeah. they say they just don't want to come over downtown, downtown is unsafe. i hope that more security around here, more police come
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oogt police chief met with chico's family and says he told them solving the murder is one of his top priorities. >> still head here tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 we're live at luckiest retailer in the state. people are lining up now for a chance to make theircome true ar ball drawing. >> later tonight you'll hear from a former model telling the i team how chicken soup may have saved her from a suspected serial killer. >> things are about to change i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and you know that giant lot of fat that clogged a london sewer system? yuck, right.
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power ball jackpot climbed to $425 million meaning people are lining up to buy tickets noont a last minute frenzy. abc 7 news is among them in san lor yenzo. >> it's a luckiest store in california we're standing in line here z i will get out of -- will you hold my place sni want to show you registers. this man has -- store has had more winners than any other store in california. that is why there are 50
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people in line in front of me. >> bernard plunked down 70ses today buy 35 chances. >> only eight of us work in the office. one happened not to be there today. so they're kind of out. >> smith works at this fed-ex office and apparently no sharing with the guy who didn't get his $10 down. >> does the boss know seven of his best employees are looking to not show up on thursday? >> the boss is in on it. >> good planning. except the guy behind smith said he was the one with winning number autos what makes you snur. >> she tells me everything. >> kenny drove down from san leandro. rick came in to check his old tickets. >> i won $1. >> robert dorsey says he comes
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to this store because, well, he raised his sons in the area. the town has been good tow! him. >> lucky enough for my family. >> it does cater to gambling customers there is a numbed ping pong ball machine. drop in a waurter six balls pop up. there are crazy sign that's in fact, seem crazy. >> i think it's a sham. you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice in one day. >> just on the chance power ball lightning strike strike them they're putting down money and bets. >> quite a bit today. >> the store manager admits he buys a ticket or two him seefl we have to work hard for it.
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>> unfortunately we've lost the signal there. you can see how big that line is stretching behind him there. >> been like that all day long. we'll stream the power ball drawing live at 7:59 tonight. on santa clara county reporting first human case this season of west nile virus. health officials say now the virus that spread by infected mosquitoes is peaking. the woman is now recovering at home. this year in california there have been 14 confirmed cases, two fatal so that this is a good reminder to all of use i think it may have fallen off the radar of both public and doctors as well. so... it's still here and
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important for people to protect them self autos some ways to do that, wear long sleeves and pants if you're outside between dus skpk dawn. cover window was screens and emptynding water ash the home. >> strangers are banning together against controversial antiislamic ads on muni buses. the council says strangers donated enough money to put thup bill board planning to meet up at the site next thursday this is in response to ads on buss. >> all right. back to back wins on the bay for luna rosa. the luna rosa sail add head of the artemis team again today. the winner of this series determines the america's cup
7:20 pm
challenger. new zealand defeated luna rosa in the round robin series and elected to move straight through. looks like there is good wind yes. cold day to be out on the bay. >> chilly. cloudy, sort of dreary looking. looked like a november day. >> yes. yes. >> and looks lining we're going to have this time before one more day before starting to get late weather. here is a look at live doppler 7. low clouds and fog. low pressure system brought it this cooler pattern in the clouds. also producing thundershower activity up around california and oregon border. we have a fire-weather warning in affect from tomorrow morning to friday evening for much of the northern most part of the state. north of clear lake. we'll watch that situation for you.
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here is a live view looking at western skyb@>>. 67 in oakland. 75 in san jose and los gatos. 73. 61 at half moon bay. another live view. 68 degrees in santa rosa and napa. 71 fairfield. 66 concord. now looking from our south beach camera southeastward, you can see a little bit of blue sky looking south and east. forecast features are these low clouds, fog, drizzle overnight. like what we've had last night. below average highs once again tomorrow. temperatures climbing up to seasonal levels. looking ahead this big pool of cool air has been a controlling factor in weather next several days and will be into weekend as it move as way
7:22 pm
we'll get warming and inland temperatures will be climbing back back into mid up toer 80s. taking a look at projected temperatures trend in livermore. average high temperatures this time of the year is around 90 degrees, notice we're well below that two days only into 70s. low to mid-80s over the weekend. mid to upper 80s in livermore next week. but still below average. overnight tonight, wide spread clouds and fog. tomorrow south bay highs mid to upper 70s, peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s. 62 degrees downtown san francisco tomorrow. low 70s low to mid-70s across the north bay. upper 60s to near 70 east bay and inland east bay. so highs below average. here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-80s inland saturday, sunday, mid to upper 80s next
7:23 pm
week then by wednesday back up to about 90 which is about the norm in our inland locations for the time of the year. >> yes. >> a long way to normal it is. thank you. >> coming up next, a hollywood actor taking his parenting complaints to sacramento.
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an unusual battle developing as a father fights for his parental right. actor jason patrick lobbying politicians and wants a law that will help define hims a father despite the fact a court ruled he's just a sperm donor. it began when patrick and his former girlfriend agreed to have a child through artificial insemination. he could been the legal father but had to have signed an agreement prior to conception. >> because you're a donor you're not allowed to prove your parentage. though i'm the biological father. >> jerry hill authored a bill that would help allowing sperm donors in certain situations to become legal parents. opponents of the proposed bill include some sperm banks. >> it's an icky mess making international news. tonight the problem of so called fatbergs clogging up sewers it's made up of grease and baby wipe that's clocks up
7:27 pm
our sewer systems. they say is a serious problem. >> the grease gets inside of the sewer then the wipes get there. it comes together. it adheres to the graechls more grease gets on there, it becomes bigger grease ball. i've seen grease balls as large as volkswagons. >> yuck. yesterday a company in london announced it discovered biggest fatberg ever recorded in brit onweighing 15 tons. >> wow. kurm in the next half hour of abc 7 news at 6:00 a major al qaeda plot foiled. the terror plot uncovered overseas and would be targets they had in mind. >> also, demolition day in cleveland what. they did to the house where three women were held captive for years in side of the california toughest maximum security prison a look at the security cell
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>> president obama says security threats will never leave the world. president saying this is a complicated time for the u.s. military with big changes in the middle east and north africa. he praised america's armed forces. >> because of you, that september 11th generation we're accomplishing what we set out to do. because of you, obama administration is no more. because of you, al qaeda top ranks have been hammered. the core of al qaeda this afghanistan and pakistan is on the way to defeat. >> the comments came on the same day authorities claimed to have foiled a plot targeting two cities as well as two oil ports. the threat forced us us and britain to evacuate their
7:32 pm
embassies in yemen. >> cleveland house three women were held captive and raped has been torn down. the destruction part of aerial castro's plea deal. one of the women imprisoned there released balloons to honor missing children who have never been found. knight and two other women escaped when one of them broke part of the door and yelled for help. >> very liberated that people think of me as a hero and role model. goi from here to being a motivational speaker and let everybody know that they're heard. that they're loved. there is hope for everyone. >> prosecutors say castro died when he signed over the deed claiming he made many happy memories there. he was sentenced to life in prison plus a thousand years for his crimes. >> a hunger strike among
7:33 pm
california prison inmates entered its fourth weet week. the inmates want the state to limit the use as tiny cells they call it solitary monday kon finement. our media partners on stain tained exclusive individual skpro granted rare access to pelican bay state prison near crescent city where inmates spent years locked up in the cells. >> pelican bay state prison was designed to hold dangerous inmates. insifd a bunker like unit, hundreds of men have been held in isolation for more than a decade. for five years, peter spent 22.5 hours a day alone in the cell. >> we're not allowed a cup or a bowl. we're not allowed phone calls. i haven't seen my family since i've been busted. >> he is serving 25 years to
7:34 pm
life for attempted murder. officials say he was separated from the rest of the prison population because an informant identified him as a member of a violent prison gang. the mexican mafia. >> i'm not here for violence or discipline. i'm here because a man decided to use me as his way out. i might have a few tattoos this, is prison. i was never able to confront those who confined me here. it's hearsay. >> a lawsuit filed last year but a coalition of groups alleges inmates are held in is slaigs based on slimmest evidence. tattoos, greeting cards and a hello has been enough to lock up a convict this, suit alleges it causes severe physical and psychological damage violating a ban on cruel and unusual punishment. the department of constructions disputes that. the warden rejects charges of
7:35 pm
abuse. >> it's my position these men are treated very humanely. >> lewis claims all inmates here are dangerous gang member autos these are not burglars or street corner drug dealers these men are highly violent and provides for safety of my staff which is paramount. on july 8th they launched a hunger strike. they're demanding limits on the amount of time inmates can be held and want more family visits, phone calls and rehabilitation program autos united nations declared 15 days is the maximum amount of time any one person should be in solitary confinement. but yet ne the have allowed my brother to be in solitary confinement 29 years. >> marie's brother was
7:36 pm
convicted of murder and locked up at pelican bay as an alleged gang member. the department made some changes, lifted a decades long ban on inmate photograph as louing prisoners to send new pictures to families. his mother hadn't seen an image of her son in nine years. >> he's alive but, you know, you can't touch him. you can't hear him. you can't see him. you know? that is a ghost. the family pose forward a group photo and sent him to him. she says it's a step in the right direction but it doesn't go far enough. she wants officials to move more men to regular prisons. pro testors remanding the men held more than 10 years be let out within six months. 12,000 inmates began the
7:37 pm
strike. >> just ahead a former model tells the i team how her ♪
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in marin county a suspected serial killer has begun his defense. >> is he on trial for four murders, acting as his own attorney. his first witness, a former model who had a close encounter with him 27 years ago. >> tonight she tells her story in an exclusive interview with abc 7 news i team reporter dan noyes. moin yeek didn't remember the name or photo session in her home in 1986 but police found pictures in the reno home along with photos of other women he's accused of killing. he's facing four counts of murder in a suspected in several other deaths. >> they told me when who he qa÷what he did. i didn't realize. >> he is accused of being the alphabet killer murdering
7:41 pm
women with first and last names that start about the same letter she aned the ad dahlquist used danita as the first name. >> first he was nice and professional. then, he changed. >> dalquist says he became more demanding and gruff after she ru ree fused to pose in socks with holes. >> i didn't think of it at the time. i knew there was something wrong with him. i knew he was some dark energy. that something, something. >> dark energy? >> yes. it was. i thought rape, i started to be afraid. >> she says his mood improved when she gave him homemade chicken soup. >> he emphasized on that. how mice i was because of the chicken soup, i gave it to him. i think the chicken soup saved
7:42 pm
my life. i truly believe in that. >> dalquist told investigators he must have drugged her, one picture shows her naked from the waist down. she says she would never agree to that. >> i don't know what happened. when laying down, and... i was unconscious.(ñex my eyes were closed i never would pose like that. >> in this courtroom the judge beginning and end of the trial. i watched dahlquist asked if she can keep the photographs. the judge said no, they're evidence he piped up and said i'll send you some. >> i just don't know how a jury sees it. >> pedro is his court accounted council. >> one view is that he is grandstanding or being inappropriate. another view he's an older gentleman, 79 years old. he's being folksy. >> today he delivered a message from naso. >> he wanted to convey to you
7:43 pm
that he is happy with the fact he is going to trial. and he has ability to defend himself. >> naiso expected to take three days, wrapping up by friday. closing arguments are next week. >> there is more still to come, just ahead changing times for one of silicon valley oldest internet company autos a new 
7:44 pm
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a new report out of uc davis concludes decades of costly eradication efforts to eliminate harmful agricultural pest is not working. accord together report the bugs are now permanently established in state zmot being brought in by visitors as authorities had claimed. the study's author says unless a new strategy is developed, we can see frequent outbreaks. >>2>a/ a strong bottom line for
7:47 pm
tesla, saying it lost $30 million but that is less than $100 million last year. in fact after paying off the government loan tesla still has $750 million in the bampblg saying financial position never has been stronger. >> dow jones lost 48 points and abc 7's parent company, disney went down after saying it would probably lose $160 million on the movie the lone ranger. >> one of the longest running images of the internet the yahoo logo may not be much longer. looking at options for the new design. which will it be?doísñ yahoo fostposted this video announce they'll take on a new logo every day for a month. is the latest move by marisa
7:48 pm
mayer. acquiring start ups, hiring talent and forcing employees to work from the office instead of home. >> she's the most effective ceo in probably 10 years. >> recalling when yahoo looked like this. abc 7 news reporter described it this way. >> the founders were in their 20s. >> what is that? >> yahoo. >> they've created the loggo the company's brand ever since. from the home page to this giant neon bill board over the fraeflt unchanged years. >> logo beginning to show its age. >> it feels state fairish right now. feels corny. i think that is what they're probably going to be getting away from. >> she says it should keep key
7:49 pm
elements. >> you cannot alienate your loyal customers. that is how you loseçtç!" a bra. >> hopefully it's not too drastic. >> loyal users weren't shocked by the design autos like, wow. not like that for me. >> one time it's time for a change. >> bringing freshness to it betweeny says that change has to be reflected on the inside if yahoo wants to reclaim it's place. >> you don't get to be a technology company by having a logo. no matter how fresh it looks. >> we know that. >> let's check on the forecast. >> i'll be screaming yahoo whit warms up. at the moment i'm going, "nah".
7:50 pm
looking live here is a look at some of the high temperatures in the column compared with average temperatures in average column and departure shows you a 13 degrees cooler today in santa rosa than average for this date. 12 degrees cooler in san rafael. san francisco on the money. rchbthat is what we had. tomorrow, we'll remain lee below average with highs only into 70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-80s by the weekend. upper 80s near 90 by mid week. average is hard to achieve. >> yes. >> thank you. >> talking about sports, football? >> i strive to be average. >> you're doing it. no, i'm kidding. >> 49ers still with preseason. could have been worse, she
7:51 pm
could have graded me below average. jim game and a player in the nfl that happens
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>> good evening it wasn't nearly enough to stop the slide. colon had his worst outing of the season. the hold is now hanging by a thread. colon took them out with a stomach ailment. this made him sicker. jay bruce launches a ball i pick td up on russian radar. five rins in the -- runs in the left. gunned down at the plate then has to leave the game with a forearm contusion. his replacement makes a one run in the 8th. three miles per hour heat to end the game. 103 jed laurie half a game
7:55 pm
with texas playing angels tonight. giants hosting milwaukee. 49ers will host denver tomorrow night when many are saying owe could be a super bowl prevai. peyton manning versus collin kaepernick. first couple preseason games you want to look and give a chance to hit someone else. most starters will play only a race or two. guys are fighting for jobs. >> you want it to be clear cut. the back up. and you want to see that take place in these games. on one hand it's sex it -- exciting. and i want someone to be the clear cut guy. no doubt bit. everyone sees. >> how about this guy?
7:56 pm
lawrence akoya never played a football game. his first contest in nfl. didn't know how to put equipment on. he sthed is the hardest thing he's done. he's six, six, a freakish athlete. >> he is not a good football player. and his next is to be nod knot a bad player. that is the next jump up for him. >> then, you get to be average. yae. you know? thursday head coach trying to decide who starting quarterback will be. x battl. competing with a true freshman out of marin catholic and
7:57 pm
austin hinder. one will win the job before the opener against northwestern. >> we like to do it quickly hopefully someone will, will, you know set them self as part from others and make the decision easy. if not, we'll make a decision. like to do it quickly. we've got to give it a shot. >> 10 years, 10 weeks and four days. she shot 82 on monday. one under 70 today. four birdies three bogeys. two shots short of the cut line. 10 years old, an amazing accomplishment just to compete. abc 7 sports, i think solid c. >> i thought b minus, maybe. >> we'll give you another shot at 11:00.
7:58 pm
>> all right. thank you. >> yes. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up the s-curve how an airport could become scarier. >> then at 11:00 san jose's baseball dreams. responding to the lawsuit. we'll have details for you tonight at 11:00. >> our line up here on abc 7 begin was middle last man standing and modern family followed by the neighbors and the look out then, aflt bc 7 news at 11:00. >> but that does it for they this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, thanks. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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